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   Greece belongs to the trinity of the European Union, the euro area and the Schengen area. They are known to have a good and healthy diet, comfortable and pleasant climate, romantic and beautiful scenery, high quality and cheap goods and warm and hospitable people. In terms of policy, Greece's 'Investor Residence Permit' can benefit the whole family and make profits for three generations. The application conditions are relaxed, the examination is simple and the approval is quick. And the Greek project is currently the lowest amount of investment required in the market project, and one step in place for up to five years of permanent residence. Without any residence requirements, 26 Schengen countries can be freely accessed. Greece project is also one of the most cost-effective projects, with 250,000 Euros you purchase a large apartments, or buy a number of apartments; rental can be freely chosen, with huge value-added potential, right now it is the perfect time to invest.

special characteristic
 Population: 10,900,000
 Value: $195,878,000,000
 Per capita GDP: $17,565
 Total Land mass 131,960km²
 Capital: Athens

With the opening of the New Deal in 2015, Greece has become one of the most cost-effective investment projects in Europe.

Greek Investor Permanent Residence Permit Project

Project details

Parents of the applicant and his spouse can also apply with the same identity as the main applicant; investors can sell the property to a new buyer in a third country; new buyers can also obtain residence status, but the original property holder will lose a permanent residence permit. purchase of at least 250,000 Greek Drachma worth of property in Greece, you will obtain: investors' permanent residence permits; permanent property rights, rentable or self-living; can take parents and children to 26 Schengen countries; children can go to Greek public schools free of charge, can also choose top international schools; enjoy the romantic Aegean Sea sunshine, beach and purity. Air and pollution-free natural environment.


On April 9, 2013, the Greek Parliament passed an Investment Promotion Act 4146/2013 aimed at boosting the economy: Residents of non-EU countries can apply for a five-year Greek residence permit with their spouses and children under the age of 21 if they purchase real estate worth no less than 250,000 euros in Greece. Five years later, as long as the buyer still owns the property, the residence permit can be renewed for another five years, with unlimited updates. On July 9, 2015, the Greek Parliament passed Rule 4251/2014 of the Naturalization Act, specifying the name of Greek residence as 'Investor's Permanent Residence'. Investors can obtain permanent residence as long as they hold the property they purchase.

Greece is a Schengen State, with the 'Permanent Residence Permit for Investors' free access to 26 Schengen States
Stable and risk-free: investment in real estate, value-added, and free rental of real estate
Greece implements a nine-year compulsory education system, free of charge in public primary and secondary schools

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