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   Spain is famous for its beautiful scenery, long history and unique Mediterranean cuisine. Spain is a country with great history and strong national pride. Located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, it is surrounded by the southern Mediterranean in the east, bordered by France in the northeast and Portugal in the west.

The Spanish Empire was an empire with great power and influence in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. They even conquered the Atlantic Ocean and most parts of the Americas. They are fearless conquerors, invincible warriors and great pioneers.
Today, Spain still leads Europe culturally and politically, and even continues to influence people around the world. Every Spaniard is crazy about football, and they love their country's unique Mediterranean cuisine and Spanish wine. Spain's unique lifestyle, stretching mountains, beautiful beaches and skyscraper architectural style attracted a large number of tourists from all over the world, making Spain the world's second largest tourist country.

special characteristic
Population: 46,507,760
 Capital: Madrid
Per capita GDP: $29,863.18
 Total Land mass
504,642 km²

Spain has the world's sixteenth largest economy, ranking fifth and fourth in the European Union and the euro area, respectively. In 2016, the country was the world's second largest tourist country, recording 68.1 million visitors and marking the third consecutive year of record numbers.

Spain Investment Residence Scheme

Project details

If the following conditions are met at the same time, the application can be made:
1) Over the age of 18;
2) No criminal record;
3) Pass necessary physical examination and background investigation;
4) Complete the investment required by the Act.


On September 27, 2013, the Spanish government introduced a new law: citizens of any non-EU country over the age of 18 can obtain the opportunity to settle in Spain by investing more than half a million euros in Spain's real estate.

Free public education Good language environment
Short application- period
Permission to work and study
No residence requirement
No language requirement
No need for business or academic background

News information

Since the introduction of the new policy, Spain has undoubtedly become a very popular investment destination in Europe, and the high welfare and quality of life in Europe, as well as Spain's better investment attributes, have attracted many people to Spain to buy real estate investment.

Recently, the following details have been updated in accordance with the Spanish Government's legislation and the updated bill:

There is no residence requirement except for biological information and residence card. In other words, there is no login requirement during the period from applying for the first year D visa to changing the two-year residence permit; by analogy, there is no residence requirement during the period from the two-year residence permit to the five-year residence permit.

That is to say, the residence permit obtained by the investor is a residence permit without residence requirement. Whether it is a two-year residence permit obtained at the beginning or a five-year residence permit subsequently, there is no residence requirement. This change greatly simplifies the application process. From this we can see that the Spanish government has made a lot of efforts to attract a large number of investors to invest in Spain.

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