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I. Product Content

1. Product Name: American Company Registration
2. Product Content: American Company Registration Service
3. Customer scope: 1) Ebay, Amazon, Wal-Mart and other cross-border e-commerce sellers; 2) groups that need to go to the United States frequently for business activities; 3) groups that want to immigrate to the United States; 4) groups that need to develop the American market, conduct transnational business and enhance the international image of enterprises; 5) groups with specific business and field operations in the United States. 。

II. Product Value

1. Ebay, Amazon and Wal-Mart, as local enterprises in the United States, take care of the registered accounts of American companies in terms of the policies of sealing and promotion. Consumers of the platform rely more on the products of American companies, which is helpful to the promotion of sales.
2. Registered American companies provide opportunities for business activities in the United States, which greatly facilitates visas to the United States, children studying abroad, guarantees from relatives and friends, business visits, and clears the barriers for your family to immigrate.
3. After the establishment of American companies, they can be used for domestic return investment and enjoy preferential policies for domestic and foreign investment.
4. American companies can better carry out international market business and overseas investment and financing for enterprises.
5. With the rapid development of Sino-US trade, more and more attention has been paid to the American market. Registering American companies is the quickest way to become real international enterprises. It can also make enterprises avoid taxes reasonably and get rid of foreign exchange control and many other conveniences.

III. Processing procedures

1. Verification of company name;
2. Sign the cooperation agreement and pay the handling fee;
3. Material submission and pre-trial;
4. Official submission of processing information;
5. Government approval;
6. Establishment of the company.

IV. Customer Qualifications and Submission Information

1. Scanning documents of shareholder's passport/identity card;
2. Shareholders' share ratio;
3. Draw up the English names of the companies to be registered in the United States;
4. Determine the registered capital stock (standard allocation: 1000 shares, 1 US dollar per share);
5. Shareholder's signature in English (signature on paper, photograph, phonetic alphabet of the name, before and after the name)
6. Personnel arrangements (Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary-General).

V. Achieving Certificates

1. The state government issues registration certificates;
2. Articles of Association of American Companies;
3. Stock accounts of American companies;
4. Stock certificates of American companies;
5. Seals of American companies;
6. Records of the first meeting of directors of American companies;
7. List of directors of American companies;
8. Receiving list;
9. Messenger Service Secretary Service;
10. Exquisite black box.

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