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I. Product Content

1. Product Name: German Company Registration
2. Product Contents: German Company Registration, Articles of Association, Notarization, German Bank Account Opening, Capital Verification Certificate, etc.
3. Customer Scope: Customers who need to register with German companies, without nationality restrictions

II. Product Value

1. Low threshold: Anyone, regardless of nationality or residence, can establish a company in Germany. Foreign entrepreneurs registered with German companies have no minimum shareholding ratio.
2. High international status: the registration of a German company can rapidly enhance the brand image of the enterprise, and it has a high international legal status and is protected by the European Union.
3. Freedom of operation: Non-German citizens are free to operate within or outside the country after they are registered to establish a German company, and to open bank accounts at home and abroad/Hong Kong;
4. Freedom of trade: the use of German companies in the name of property trading, international trade, capital cross-border entry freedom, high credibility;
5. Low tax rate: the registration of a German company can keep the tax revenue to the lowest level. Among the four taxes, the tax rate is as low as 5.5%.
6. Easy listing: company follow-up service is simple, confidentiality is strong, tax-free, political and economic environment is stable, easy to finance.

III. Conditions for Handling

1. Need at least one shareholder (stateless restriction)
2. At least one director, if not all the directors go to Germany for processing, the application for registration must be signed by a German notary or by a German consulate in China (notarization fee is not included in the company registration fee) (no nationality restriction). 3. The establishment of a company is GmbH, with a minimum capital of 25000, and capital verification needs to be deposited in 12. 500 (must be remitted from shareholder's domestic personal account, not deposited in cash)
4. Need actual office address

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