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I. Product Content

1. Product name: French company registration;
2. Product Contents: Register French companies for customers, including company registration, bank account opening, annual review;
3. Customer Scope: Customers who need to register French companies to enhance their brand awareness have no nationality restrictions.

2. Product Value (What Problems to Solve)

1. The high international legal status, protected by the European Union, is conducive to the rapid promotion of the brand image of enterprises and their products;
2. Citizens of an illegal country are free to operate within or outside France after the registration of the company is completed. They may also establish company bank accounts both inside and outside France (e.g. France, Britain, Hong Kong, etc.).

3. France is one of the most economically developed countries in the world. It has strong trade and manufacturing strength and is a market economy country with free trade policy.

3. Processing process and time
1. Signing a contract: Preparing for complete processing of information
2. Check Name: Provide more than 2 names and specific business scope for name Preview
3. Data production: Lawyers produce the relevant documents needed for registration
4. Application for Registered Capital Account: The Bar Association and the Bar Association apply for the paid-in account of registered capital, and the clients arrange the shareholders to pay in accordance with the proportion of capital contribution according to the account information. Although the minimum registered capital is 1 Euro, too little registered capital will affect the examination and approval of the company's registration. It is suggested that the registered capital be 1,000 Euro.
5. Government approval: submission of registration information
6. Completion of registration: about 3 months to complete the registration of French companies, and the complete set of information to customers
7. Bank Account Opening: Arrangement of processing time with customers. At the time of bank appointment, legal persons and shareholders need to go to the Bank of France to open accounts.
1) Processing Requirements
1. Name of company

(1) The name of a company should not be entirely foreign, nor should the word 'France' be added to the name of the company.
(2) The company should use general French terms.
(3) A t the end of a company's name, the words 'Soci t a responsabilit limit e' or its initials 'S, A, R, L,' must be added.
2. Registered Capital: The minimum registered capital of a limited liability company (SARL) is 1 Euro, but it can not be too low, which has an impact on the later approval.
3. Directors: A limited liability company (SARL) must appoint at least one director. The statute determines the number of directors. Directors may serve in other countries or companies. Its natural person must be over 18 years old without criminal record. (Certificate of non-criminal record issued by the country of nationality in English version is required)


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