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The Republic of Italy, located on the Apennines Peninsula in southern Europe, covers an area of 301,277 square kilometers, with a population of 57.19 million. The official language is Italian. More than 90% of the residents believe in Catholicism. Rome, the capital, has a population of 2.82 million. Italy is one of the ancient civilizations in Europe. It joined the European Economic Community in 1958 and was first added in 1998. At the end of the 20th century, Italian clothing, shoes, leather, glasses, furniture and other high-end consumer goods have become the world's export superpower, and in 21.

At the beginning of the century, Italy overtook France as the world's largest producer of high-end consumer goods for the first time. Last year, its output value reached 13 billion US dollars, accounting for 30% of the global market share of high-end consumer goods. Italian product quality, money and corporate reputation are generally praised around the world.

Regarding SRL and SPA:

1. SRL companies need basic equity 10,000 to 99,999, and equity must be deposited in banks.

2. SPA company needs basic equity 100,000, no upper limit, and equity must be deposited in the bank.

3. If the equity is not in place, we can advance the capital and charge 10% service fee.

Basic requirements for registration:

1. Company composition: Italian company can be established by more than one applicant. The company name must end with 'Limited Company'. There are two forms of 'Limited Company' in Italian, SPA and SRL. SPA is the abbreviation of 'Societ per Azioni' in Italian. It refers to (joint) stock company. SRL is the abbreviation of 'Societa Responsibility Limitata' in Italian. It is translated into Chinese as (joint) liability limited company.

2. Registered capital: standard 10,000 shares (SRL) or 100,000 shares (SPA), per share is 1.00, which requires capital verification.

3. Company directors: one or more directors, at least one of whom is a natural person of European Union nationality.

4. Company Secretary: Corporate Secretary is provided by our company.

5. Board Meetings: Directors may meet in any country or attend such meetings through agents.

6. Shareholders of a company: Directors or senior managers of a company may not be shareholders of the company.

7. Registration Address: Registration Address must be in Italy. (Provided by our company)

8. Company Seal: Italian companies must have their own seal, and the pattern of the seal should be reported to the company registry.

Relevant Provisions on Registration

1. Name checking takes 1-2 working days.
2. Registration takes about 25-30 working days.
3. At least one director/shareholder shall provide a photocopy of his identity card or passport.

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