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Hong Kong Company:

About 5-7 working days
The following conditions are satisfied
Need one or more shareholders;
2 All shareholders must be over 18 years old (no household registration, nationality, regional restrictions)
All shareholders must present valid ID cards or photocopies of passports.
Where an enterprise as a legal person is a shareholder, the enterprise as a legal person must submit a business license and a copy of the identity card of the legal person's representative.
5 The minimum registered capital is HK$10,000 without capital verification.
6. Provide registered address in Hong Kong (kobon provide multiple business addresses for selection)
7. Appoint a Hong Kong person or a Hong Kong company to act as the legal secretary of the company;
8. The operation of registered Hong Kong companies must be legitimate
Material required for registration:
1. Company name in English and Chinese: (login to the Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial System to find out if the name is available)
2. Copies/scans of identity cards or passports of directors and shareholders
3. Registered capital (minimum HK$10,000 without capital verification)
4. Share Ratio

5. Scope of Business

Macau Company:

Name check 2 working days
Registration 15-25 working days or so
Macao company is charged for name checking. If only name checking is done, the company will charge for name checking first. If the company has signed a contract, the company will not charge for name checking.
Material required for registration:
1 company name, 2 registered capital, 3 registered address, 4 business scope, 5 shareholders'name, sex, nationality, certificate type and number, shareholders' spouse name (if married), shareholders'marital property system (applicable to married shareholders, marital property system includes acquisition of common property system and separate property system), 6 addresses, 7 Occupying shares; 8 directors'names, gender, nationality, certificate types, numbers and addresses;

Note: Macau's associations can be shareholders of Macau companies, but they need to notarize and verify the handwriting of the minutes of the meetings of the associations. The general records of the meetings of the associations are signed and checked by the associations and secretaries. Generally, it is issued by the board of directors, but which group has the right to decide depends on the statute of their association.

Taiwan Company:

Registration about three month, need to show up in person.

Conditions for establishment:

1. Actual in-place investment funds of $1.2 million

2. It must be operated locally (we can rent a short address for the first time and reimburse the expenses).

Like mainland China, we can provide local address, but the rental fee is about NT$2000 a month.

Generally, Taiwan companies are own by tax-free off-shore company in order to avoid 15% dividend tax.

Taxation: 2 months to declare business tax, profit tax to declare in May each year, accounting fee is about 25,000 including tax filing, Taiwan is 14 months to a year.

Annual audit: Taiwan companies do not have annual audit. Annual audit is part of audit. Audit reports should be charged extra, depending on the auditor's fees.

The number of directors present in Taiwan: before the establishment of the company, a reserve account should be opened and the company should be present once. After the establishment of the company, the account should be turned into a basic account and then be present again.

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