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Namien Federal Territory is a Federal Territory in Malaysia, northeast of Sabah State. Department, an island in the South China Sea. Namin means 'good port' in Malay. Namin is also a free port and tourist attraction. Namin Island was formally legislated in 1990 and became Malaysia's international offshore financial center. In 1996, the Labuan Offshore Financial Service Authority was established as the external management institution of the offshore financial center of Namin Island. Its main purpose is to promote and develop Namin's international offshore financial business and to provide overseas banks, insurance, fund/trust management and foreign companies. Pay attention to booklet service.

For companies engaged in business activities in Namin, Namin can enjoy tax preferences, such as lower corporate income tax (fixed tax rate of 3% or maximum tax amount of Ma Dollar 2).
Wanlingji, about RMB 32220, is exempted from withholding tax for payments to non-taxpayers, and from personal income tax for foreign directors'fees. Neither capital gains tax nor real estate income tax nor inheritance tax are levied in Naming. In addition, Namin Company is not subject to foreign exchange control and foreign equity restrictions. For Chinese-funded enterprises to expand overseas business, Namin will play a vital role in overseas expansion.
1. Number of shareholders: at least one person/company
2. Number of directors: at least one person/company registered capital: Secretary of a company in any foreign currency (except Ma coin): must be a licensed Namin Trust and Investment Company (Hans Advisory & Trust Co. Ltd. of Shaking World Consulting and Trust Co. Ltd. will act as secretary of your company)
3. Company Name: Ltd., Inc., Limited, GmbH, (L) Bhd, etc., but not 'Sdn Bhd' or 'Pte Ltd.' If the proposed name is an abbreviation in English (such as ABC Ltd), please list the meanings of individual letters (such as 'A' for 'Andy', 'B' for 'Brian', 'C' for 'Charles'). 。

Tax preferences for offshore companies in Namin Island, Malaysia

1. Corporate Tax: Offshore Non-Trade Activities: 0% Tax, Offshore Trade Activities: Tax Rate is 3% of Net Profit or not more than 20,000 Ma Dollars
2. Other taxes (e.g. indirect tax, sales tax, GST goods and services tax, VAT value-added tax and customs duty, etc.): 0% tax
3. Salaries received by non-Malaysian citizen directors: 0% personal income tax
4. No/no compulsory audit of accounts
5. Namin is a duty-free port with 0% stamp duty.
6. Salaries received by non-Malaysian citizen directors: 0% personal income tax
7. Free flow of funds without foreign exchange control
8. Signing of Investment Guarantee Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights and Free Trade Agreements with more than 50 States (Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards)
9. Signing Dual Taxation Agreements with More than 77 Countries
10. withholding tax: 0%
Dividend/Interest Copyright Tax Leasing Service Interest Technology or Management Fees


1. Customer information is complete. After payment, registration can be completed in 3-5 working days.
2. Bank accounts must be opened through trust companies to purchase company information reports. Specific bank accounts are not limited to local Malaysian banks, other banks such as Hang Seng, Citigroup and so on.
3. Registered company, tax account registration and company information report of bank account opening are three necessary businesses, other customers can choose by themselves according to the circumstances.
4. The registration fees of shipping, offshore bank, insurance and fund companies shall be charged according to the actual situation.

Malaysia Investment Residence Visa

1. Validity period: updated every two years
2. Can reside in less than 11 (11) state and federal Huizhi jurisdictions in Malaysia and extend to Dongma (Sabah and Sarawak)
3. Applicants for Jiachun/Family Residence Visa
4. You can invest in business and property in Malaysia or anywhere.
5. Exemption from personal income tax
6. Individual/company accounts may be opened at any bank in Malaysia. Credit cards, debit/deduction cards, withdrawal cards and bank checks are required.
7. Can apply for housing loan or other bank credit
8. Pro-business and non-mandatory conditions:
No mortgage, no compulsory purchase of houses in Malaysia, no compulsory insurance, no compulsory employment of domestic employees, the minimum registered capital of the company is RMB 250,000, and an office in Najian or Kuala Lumpur is required.
9. Bidding time: two (2) months

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