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I. Service Content

1. Product name: Thai company registration;
2. Product Content: Register Thai companies for customers, including registered shareholder service, registered shareholder equity swap agreement, bank account opening,  registered address affiliation, financial agent.
3. Customer Scope: Customers who need to register Thai companies to carry out business and enhance their brand awareness, without nationality restrictions.

II. Benefits of Thai Companies

1. All kinds of enterprises and special industry companies which are difficult to be approved and registered in China can be set up in Thailand. At the same time, an account for the settlement of foreign exchange between import and export in any currency can be set up to facilitate various international business activities.
2. Joint ventures with mainland companies in the name of their own overseas companies shall be exempted from income tax. To acquire and hold a mainland company in the name of a foreign company, change its status and change its nature;
3. Natural or legal persons and their relatives may also apply for permanent residence, multiple round-trip visas and work permits, change passports of overseas Chinese in China, facilitate free entry and exit, and apply for European and American visas. At the same time, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand can apply for a business visa to Hong Kong for six months or more times a year.
4. After registering a Thai company, investors can purchase and legally own Thai villas, land and land with their own holding company.
5. Setting up factories and exporting in Thailand can avoid the anti-dumping policies of Europe and America on Chinese domestic products.

III. Processing procedures

1. Understand the specific registration requirements of customers and the required services, dock clearly, and sign cooperation agreements.
2. Pre-examination of company name. Within 3 days, DBD confirms whether the company name is duplicated or not, and the approval document is sent to the applicant's mailbox. The validity period of the company name pre-approval document is 30 days. The applicant needs to submit the registration application document according to the name of the approval document within 30 days. The expired name is invalid. The name pre-examination can submit three company names in sequence.
3. Prepare registration information. Prepare registration information, submit company registration application documents to DBD and obtain business license; submit information mainly includes the following: company's shares, registered capital, paid-in capital, business scope, shareholders and controlling shareholders, authorized representatives, official seal design certificate, registration period.
4. Tax registration. The submission includes registration address book, company registration certificate, legal person passport, company business scope, company sign and door plate, registration address map, etc. All documents are signed and stamped by authorized representatives and submitted to the local tax bureau.
5. Opening bank accounts. After the registration is completed, the company may prepare the registration documents and the money collection representative certificates immediately.
The authorized representative himself will go to major banks or foreign banks in Thailand to apply for opening accounts in various currencies. Only after the Thai account has been opened and the approval certificate of domestic and overseas investment license has been obtained, can the investment funds be legally remitted to the Thai company account in the name of shareholders, and then the Investment Promotion Committee (BOI) verifies the capital certificate.

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