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Dubai Company Registration

Of the seven 'United Arab Emirates' in the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the most famous. Located in the Middle East in the Persian Gulf, it is a very important strategic location and is considered to be the 'pirate coast' prevalent in the 16th century.

National Policy and Economy

The region is now a member of the United Arab Emirates (GCC), abbreviated as (U.A.E). U.A.E. is adjacent to Saudi Arabia and Oman and consists of seven chieftain jurisdictions. Rich oil fields have made the country a huge reserve of wealth. In recent years, the loose economic system has attracted more and more investment and business opportunities. This once desert land has become a mature economy.
Unlike other members of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai's crude oil exports account for only a small percentage of its gross national product; most of Dubai's national income comes from its free trade zone, a famous tourist destination where numerous tourists are attracted by shopping festivals and other grand events.
Despite differences in economic liberalization among Emirates nationals, traditional offshore businesses and emerging offshore businesses continue to coexist peacefully.
The Dubai authorities soon realized the great potential of the cooperative companies in the duty-free trade zone, which has leaped to become one of the most stable and prosperous economic regions in the world due to considerable national revenue and expenditure sources.
Registered Dubai Company Advantages:
Management advantages:
Uncontroversial legal documents and procedures
Free Zone License and Dubai Trade License offshore companies have legal immunity
Single-point management system - matters relating to licensing applications or other regulations can be represented in our registered office:
1 Low registration fee
2. The ownership of the company comes entirely from abroad and enjoy preferential treatment of local import tax in Dubai.
3. Tax exemption for import and re-export of most commodities
Allow all profits and income to return home
5. Free Recruitment Policy for Foreign Employees
6. A free and easy financial system without monetary constraints.
7 Free Zone and Local Government Authorities Provide Continuous Administrative Assistance
8 attractive taxation system
Income tax exemption for nine persons
Ten relaxed immigration policies for offshore company practitioners (legal free access permits, no settlement policies)
11 No foreign exchange control
12. Strong confidentiality:
Company information is more confidential
No need to disclose the beneficiary
13 Allow offshore/offshore company owners to open confidential bank accounts in Dubai
14 Infrastructure:
Low operating cost environment
Strategic locations and well-equipped ports (easy access to India, North Africa and other Middle East regions)
High-tech infrastructure (including medical, transportation and high-speed, high-bandwidth telecommunications)
High-tech and low-cost professionals support offshore development
Political stability

The Government fully supports and promises

Requirements for registration of Dubai Company

* Minimum number of shareholders - one person
* Are bearer stocks allowed - not allowed
* Minimum number of directors - one person, legal person directors are allowed, and directors are not required to reside in the place of registration (maximum departure time is 6 months)
* Secretaries: No compulsory, legal person secretaries are allowed, and secretaries are not required to reside in the place of registration.
* Registered Address - Must be provided by Agent Company for a fee
* Local Registered Agent - Must (U.A.E. Local)
* Is the information available for public inquiry - not public, only registered for archiving
* Does the company document need to be retained at the registration address - no

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