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 Shenzhen Qinghai Sino-foreign Joint Venture Finance Lease

About 155 registered financial leasing companies in Qinghai, Shenzhen, have registered capital of 17 billion yuan, accounting for 75% of the total registered capital of the city's financial leasing companies. Many targeted preferential policies of Qinghai beneficiary countries have gathered a large number of innovative financial enterprises, such as equity investment funds, financial leasing, supply chain finance, and so on. Domestic and foreign funds have also entered Qinghai in various ways. At the same time, due to the thousands of equity and industrial investment funds inherent in Shenzhen itself, hundreds of billions of RMB offshore funds, as many as 18 securities company headquarters, the designated listing institution of GEM Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Qinghai will provide strong support for the future development of China's SME financing center.

1. Requirements for the establishment of foreign financial leasing companies:
1. The registered capital of a foreign-funded financial leasing company shall not be less than 10 million US dollars; the proportion of foreign investment of     a Chinese-foreign joint venture shall not be less than 25% of the registered capital; and the operating period of a foreign-funded financial leasing                    company in the form of a limited liability company shall generally not exceed 30 years.
2. With the corresponding professional staff, senior managers should have the corresponding professional qualifications and at least three years of working       experience.

3. Audit reports of foreign and domestic companies in the last year.

2. Shareholder's requirements:

(1) Domestic shareholders:
     1. The net asset ratio at the end of the last year is not less than 30%.
       2. Continuous profitability in the last three years;
         3. The sales revenue of the main business accounts for more than 80% of the total business income;
            4. The bank has a good credit record;
(2) Overseas shareholders:
  1. The total assets of foreign investors shall not be less than US$5 million.
    2. The net asset ratio at the end of the last year shall not be less than 30%.
      3. The scale of net assets that can be used for long-term investment is larger than the amount of this investment.
(3)Application of Qinghai Financing Leasing Company:
   1. Examination and approval by Qinghai Administration
      2. Shenzhen Economic Trade and Information Commission's online declaration (pre-approval)

(4)Establishment process:
     1. Determine the name of shareholders and the proportion of capital contribution, and apply for pre-approval of the name;
          2. Preparing relevant declaration materials (business performance certificate, feasibility study report, qualifications of managers, bank credit certificate,                                 company registration data, etc.) and submitting them to the competent authorities for review and retaliation;
            3. The competent authorities conduct the preliminary examination of the application documents submitted, and the competent authorities will make                               the approval within five working days.
                4. If the establishment is approved, the "Certificate of Approval for Foreign-funded Enterprises" shall be issued, and if the approval is not granted,                                  the reasons shall be explained in writing.
                    5. The foreign-invested financing leasing company shall go through the registration formalities with the administrative department for Industry                                  and commerce within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the Approval Certificate for Foreign-invested Enterprises;
                              The Foreign Exchange Administration applies for the quota of bank account opening, capital in place, capital verification and                                                     organization code.
                        6.Director Yang of Qinghai Enterprise Service Center provides registration of financial leasing companies in Shenzhen, Qinghai, Beijing,                                          Shanghai and Tianjin, and transfers a large number of off-the-shelf financial leasing companies.
(5). Relevant audit points:
1. the name of a foreign-funded financial leasing company shall be marked with the words "financial leasing", and the name and business scope shall not         contain the words "financial leasing".
   2. Financial leasing companies may engage in security business related to leasing transactions, but they may not be the main business, and the enterprise        name may not contain the word "guarantee".
       3. Overseas investors should be required to disclose truthfully the background information of the actual investors and strictly examine their overseas                  assets.
            4.The registered capital shall not be less than 10 million US dollars.
                5. The proportion of foreign investment shall not be less than 25%.
                    6. The operating period generally does not exceed 30 years.
(6). On the qualifications of practitioners:
1. The term "professionals" referred to in Article 9 (3) of the Regulations on the Administration of Leasing Industry with Foreign Investment refers to those         who have professional knowledge, skills and experience in finance, trade, law, accounting, engineering and technical management and have good                  working records in performing their duties.
    2. Senior managers refer to general managers (deputy general managers), business managers, financial managers, risk control managers and operations           managers.
       3. Having corresponding professional qualifications means having professional knowledge in the field of business and obtaining relevant licenses issued               by the competent or authoritative authorities in the industry, generally having a bachelor's degree or above.
            4. The term "not less than three years'experience" refers to the management experience of a financial leasing company or related financial                                 institution with more than three years' experience.

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